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Returnable Foldable Octaplast/Octabin for automotive industry (VMT Ecopack Octaplast)

  • Foldable packaging water and weather resistant.

Detailed information about the product Returnable Foldable Octaplast/Octabin for automotive industry


  • Single sheet thermoformed "mirror" pallet/lid
  • 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Polypropylene sleeve (colours and prints available)
  • Automatic sleeve locking system
  • System dimension optimised for mega trailer size
  • Water and weather resistant


  • For high weight, dry bulk product
  • Durability (ecologic: pressure distribution over the eight sides, high strength cellular plastic wall, excellent chemical resistance)
  • Large volume capability (economic)
  • Easy folding and stacking when empty (ergonomic)
Model External Dimensions
OP1210ss 1230 x 1015 x 800 mm
OP1210s 1230 x 1015 x 1035 mm
OP1210 1230 x 1015 x 1365 mm
OP1210x 1230 x 1015 x 1500 mm
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