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(Yaskawa UK Ltd)

Manufacturer of Motoman robots and robot systems which you can choose with full confidence. We have more than 30 years experience and have delivered over 230,000 Motoman robots worldwide.

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Detailed information about Yaskawa

Yaskawa, formerly known as Motoman Robotics, is the largest manufacturer of industrial robots with over 230,000 robots installed worldwide. With more than 21 branches in Europe, we are a global player in the automation industry.

Yaskawa manufactures its range of Motoman robots for a wide range of applications, including welding, cutting, palletising, handling and painting.

Thanks to our extensive product line that includes, industrial robots with payloads of 2 to 800kg, special machines, fixtures and turnkey systems, we can offer customised, complete solutions to meet your automation requirements, ranging from consulting to maintenance. Our success and the high precision of our products are based on continuous research and development and many years of experience (for example, in the automotive and component supply sector).

DIN ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our expertise and guarantees a high level of quality to our customers.

Special types of robots and the newly developed high-performance DX100 controller ensure high productivity. We provide the widest range of robots, including application dedicated robots for welding, picking, packing, palletising, handling, painting and clean-room applications. This technological leadership achieves the highest possible effectiveness and profitability.

Quality certificates ISO 9001, UKAS Quality Management
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Mailing Address 2 Johnson Park, Wildmere Road
Banbury  -  Oxfordshire
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