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KUKA Automation + Robotics

(KUKA Automation + Robotics Ltd.)

The UK’s leading supplier of industrial robots and automated production systems. Subsidiary of KUKA AG, Europe’s largest robot manufacturer.

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Detailed information about KUKA Automation + Robotics

KUKA Automation + Robotics, a subsidiary of KUKA AG, Europe’s largest robot manufacturer, is the UK’s leading supplier of industrial robots and automated production systems, offering full turnkey automation solutions for a wide variety of industries and a comprehensive range of robots with payload capacities from 3kg-1000kg.

KUKA has developed a number of robots specifically for use in the food processing industry. For example, it has produced a stainless steel robot that is specially designed for applications with stringent hygiene requirements. Thanks to its stainless steel surfaces, the robot is easy to clean and wipe down. It is capable of handling payloads up to 15kg and has an IP67 protection rating.

In addition, KUKA has developed a dedicated robot for depalletising tasks in cold stores. It can work in temperatures from zero to minus 30°C and does not require a special protective suit or heaters. This ‘Arctic’ robot eliminates any risk to product quality from temperature fluctuations and is suitable for use with many frozen foods such as ice cream, fish and meat.

As well as a range of palletising robots, KUKA has also launched a patented layer depalletiser which is able to handle a variety of different packaging types that were previously difficult to handle via automation. This system offers a number of advantages to the end user such as high accuracy, gentle product handling and high system availability with minimal downtime.

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