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Automatic Labelling Machine for tapered products (CDA Ninon Konic)

  • Application of 2 adhesive labels on tapered products (jars, bottles, cans and buckets).

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Detailed information about the product Automatic Labelling Machine for tapered products

The "Ninon Konic", which is designed by CDA, is an automatic labelling machine that can apply labels to all your tapered products (pots, bottles, cans or buckets) with production rates of up to 30 products/minute. It adapts to different product formats simply and efficiently, without the need for any hardware change. This machine is appreciated for its ease of use and its consistent labelling accuracy.

Machine equipped with:

Motorised conveyor

  • Anodised aluminium extrusion, created by CDA; receiving an acetal slat band chain conveyor, width 82.5 mm; if required by the size of the products to be labelled, the width of the conveyor can be doubled
  • The side guide bars are made of 12 mm-diameter stainless steel; their height can be adjusted to accept bottles with a diameter of up to 110 mm on a single conveyor
  • A diameter of 220 mm on a double conveyor
  • The motorised conveyor is fixed on a stainless steel frame, into which the electrical boxes are incorporated. Four feet on caster wheels (wheels with brakes) support the machine
  • Depending on the products to be labelled, a pneumatic cylinder selection system or multi-format selection screw is installed at the conveyor input to set the product spacing and speed.

Depending on the required configuration:

  • A receiving table is installed at the output of the conveyor
  • A transfer system is installed at the end of the conveyor


  • A labelling station to apply a label on tapered products, comprising:
    • A labelling head mounted on a swivel joint allowing the label dispensing angle to be adjusted
    • A system to rotate the product and smooth the label, which matches the taper on the product
    • A sensor to position the label relative to the handle on buckets (paint, etc.)
  • The label strip is driven by asynchronous electric motors, the speed of which are controlled by flux vector variable speed drives
  • The labelling heads are mounted on cylinders that are raised and lowered electrically to control the label application height
  • The label application height is set via the touchscreen
  • Labelling height from 8 to 300 mm
  • Nominal labelling speed: up to 30 products/minute
  • The position of the labels can be adjusted and the label positions can be stored using the touchscreen
  • Output speed: 13.4 metres/minute.


  • Validation area
  • Navigation key areas
  • Product counter area
  • Label position adjustment:
    • Determination of the production rates and timer adjustments
    • Storage of 50 label positions
    • Adjustment of labelling heights
  • Error detection and self-diagnostics.


  • Label detector cell to apply an additional label on products that have already been labelled
  • Vision camera for precise mark or shape detection
  • Conveyor extension
  • Inkjet marking on labels
  • Ultrasonic label detector cell for transparent labels
  • Label and back label application from the same strip
  • Clutch-type label reel support plate mounted on bearings with dancer arm for heavy reels
  • Stack light alarm system
  • System to detect the end of the label reel
  • System to detect a missing label on the support to be labelled.
Production rate Up to 30 products/minute
Machine width 1422 mm
Machine height 1300 mm
Machine length 2524 mm
Conveyor height 925 mm
Machine control Via user-friendly touchscreen
Supply voltage 380 V ~ 50 Hz 16 A 3-Phase + Neutral + Earth 16 A 220 V ~ 50 Hz 16 A
Power consumption 2 kW
Compressed air consumption 12 m³ / hour max. at 6 bar - Dry air, non-lubricated
Ideal operating temperature 10°C to 30°C
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