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In motion cubing system (CASI SolidCube 4010)

  • High accuracy/high speed cuber. Great for high speed shipping systems.

Detailed information about the product In motion cubing system

The SolidCube 4010 from CASI provides the automation needed for put-away or shipping operations requiring high accuracy. The 4010 is capable of high speed operations. The system operates either as a standalone or easily integrates into existing conveyor systems.

SolidCube 4010 systems are designed for shipping systems requiring 0.2" dimensional accuracy. Depending on throughput and accuracy requirements for weight, SolidCube 4010 is an easy add-on to CASI checkweighers.

Although not required in most operations, the 4010 can be upgraded for legal trade requirements mostly found in international trade applications.

The SolidCube 4010 series utilizes primarily off the shelf components rather than proprietary controllers, giving the customer the ability to purchase replacement parts from local vendors.

Current In-Motion Cuber with Checkweigher Configurations

  • CASI 4851 - SolidCube 4010 with integrated CASI 851 small parcel checkweigher
  • CASI 4951 - SolidCube 4010 with integrated CASI 951 in motion checkweigher
  • CASI 4961 - SolidCube 4010 with integrated CASI 961 higher accuracy checkweigher
  • CASI 4971 - SolidCube 4010 with integrated CASI 971 high speed checkweigher


  • Real-time cubing for freight and inbound manifest
  • High speed / high accuracy shipping applications
  • UPS/FedEx/DHL/USPS dimensional weight compliance

Options / Accessories

SolidCube products offer the widest array of options of any in motion cubing and weighing systems on the market. Our custom integration service will customize the system to your specifications by including fixed position barcode scanners, RF Tag Readers, Product Diverts, etc.

Some of the more popular options are listed below:

  • NEMA 4X stainless steel
  • Turnkey manifest system
  • Wireless data access
  • In-feed zero pressure accumulation
  • Reject / diverts for no-read and other exceptions
  • Custom product handling
  • Data logging & reporting software SolidCheck™ & SolidWebReports™
  • Fixed position barcode scanners printer label applicators
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