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Checkweigh cuber (CASI CASI 4971)

  • PC based, free standing, self contained checkweigher and cuber in one unit.

Detailed information about the product Checkweigh cuber

The CASI 4971 is a PC based, free standing, self contained in-motion check weigh system designed for distribution center use in random check weigh and freight manifesting applications. Using the CASI Core I controller gives the 4971 checkweigh-cuber the ultimate in flexibility and inline scale accuracy.

The CASI 4971 utilizes primarily off the shelf components rather than proprietary controllers, giving the customer the ability to purchase replacement parts from local vendors.

The 4971's system interface is extremely easy to use, utilizing a familiar Windows 7 interface and voice commands in English, Spanish, French & German. Data logging is provided as standard with Checkweigh Manager in an easy to export tab delimited format. Security for your data is provided by a three level login system.


  • Automated shipping systems
  • Freight manifesting (in motion common carrier manifest)
  • Quality Control Checkweigh Specifications

CASI-4971 Operation

The CASI-4971 unattended in-motion checkweigh system uses a simplified design with 4 compression load cells mounted on a massive three inch steel frame. This incredibly stable platform delivers superior accuracy and reliability due to a simple but effective design.

CASI-4971 Advantages

The built in zero pressure accumulation control of the CASI 4971 automated check weigh system can adjust conveyor speed to carton length producing the highest throughput available. System carton rate is no longer dependent upon a set scale length and speed, as these can be adjusted to each individual carton. This feature also guarantees one carton on the scale freeing you from complicated break metering belts or operators to manage product gap. Logic for an integrated reject mechanism for out of tolerance cartons is also provided.

Options / Accessories

The CASI-4971 offers the widest array of options of any in motion weighing system on the market. Our custom integration service will customize the system to your specifications by including fixed position barcode scanners, RF tag readers, product diverts, etc.

Some of the more popular options are listed below:

  • NEMA 4X stainless steel
  • Wireless data access
  • In-feed zero pressure accumulation
  • Reject diverts
  • Custom product handling
  • Data logging & reporting software SolidCheck™ & SolidWebReports™
  • Fixed position barcode scanners
  • RF tag readers
  • Printer label applicators
  • Custom system integration

The 4971 offers enterprise real time visibility of production data when the SolidWebReports™ option is added.

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