Armanni Carrelli Elevatori

Armanni produces a wide range of lift trucks and pallet trucks suitable for all sort of movement requirements, from craft-based companies up to big industries.

Albino, Bergamo, Italy

About Armanni Carrelli Elevatori

In the 15,000 sq.m covered by the modern Albino plant, in the industrial heart of the Lombardy region, Armanni produces a wide range of lift trucks and pallet trucks suitable for all sort of movement requirements, from craft-based companies up to big industries. With more than 30 years of activity, Armanni has become a leader in the sector of lift trucks, showing a particular ability to produce lift trucks that can move in reduced spaces and in logistic situations that require utmost versatility. Armanni's wide range of products is comprehensive as regards lifting capacities and lift heights, and includes from manual lift trucks to those that are fully electronic, to single or double pantograph lifting tables up to special trucks with specific equipment for moving reels, emptying drums, tilting tanks, and moving particularly bulky or heavy loads.

The history of Armanni Carrelli Elevatori is one of continuous growth that has turned the company into a quality trademark that is well known and recognised all around the world. Born in 1976 out of the desire of the 3 Armanni brothers; more than 30 years of history has shown their capacity to combine vast technical experience with a strong entrepreneurial sense. This has provided the solid foundations for growing the once small, craft-based company into the industrial leader Armanni Carrelli Elevatori S.r.l. is today. The strong sense of bond that the Armanni family transmits to future generations and the constant reinvestment and successful products has enabled the company to the develop the current 15,000 sq.m production area, which is the best expression of Armanni Carrelli Elevatori's ability to still make many more contributions to its own history.

The large number of years of activity has clarified even more our mission:

Your needs at the core of everything!

For us, satisfying your needs means being able to reverse the point of view in movement problems: you do not have to adapt your work to the lift trucks that are present in the market any more; instead, we are the ones who design and create your lift truck so as to respond to your actual and specific movement problems.

More than 30 years of experience in the sector give us the credibility and certainty of being able to assert that wherever you see problems regarding the movement of goods when performing your activity, we are able to make your work safer, more efficient and more effective.

Quality made in Italy, All around the world

With a history of more than thirty years, Armanni products have confirmed their well known capacity to combine functionality and design characteristic of the best Italian products.

The careful selection of supplies, in the great majority, of Italian origin, the direct management of the whole production cycle, from design research to structural work up to support, allows a strict control over costs and quality, thanks to which the company has been successful at national and international level.

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