APF Partners

Provide highly personalised luxury travel services, for a global clientele. We are a proactive luxury travel provider with core expertise in private aviation and Luxury Holidays worldwide.


London, London, United Kingdom

About APF Partners

What We Do?

Whether it is coordinating your multi country business trip to America, booking an appointment at your favourite spa, selecting a handpicked country B&B for a weekend getaway, or booking a world cruise, our services allow our clients to concentrate on their lives. We will take care of all of the travel details.

We do all the research, and sit graciously with luxury suppliers while vetting them, so you don't have to. We are your advocate, and we want you to confidently travel on business, or enjoy your leisure holiday. You will benefit from our dedicated relationships with the top luxury suppliers around the world, as we many times have access to unadvertised special offers, and amenities.

Due to the fact that our company is 100% independent, with extremely selective affiliations, we are able to provide unbiased services. It also gives us the unique, autonomous ability to source your travel from the best luxury travel suppliers, regardless of the source. Our sole aim is to provide you with amazing luxury travel experiences, infused with personalised touches and exceptional value. If airline tickets are required, we work with first and business class fares. Although, we do understand that on occasion, other classes of service may be appropriate (e.g on airlines which offer one class of service, or on short flights). We also work with clients who fly private aviation.

How We Work?

As APF PARTNERS works with a limited number of clients, our unique set up allows us to offer one-on-one service, remarkable value, and personal assistance every step of the way. Our entire philosophy revolves around luxury meets value. We are committed to bringing you the best luxury travel products, at the best value without diluting, or compromising the experience.

When you are extremely busy it is imperative that you have travel options at your fingertips. You only have to tell us what you need, and then consider it done, without ever having to call a hotel, an airline, or any other supplier. We take care of every detail. Our clients rely on our professional knowledge, and years of experience to recommend the best choices for them to consider.

Who We Are?

APF PARTNERS is operated by luxury travel experts who altogether have over 30 years of relevant experience with high profile clients. Although they have travelled throughout the world, they know that successfully managing luxury travel, involves much more than destinations or countries visited. That is simply not enough. It all has to be combined with an expert knowledge of the players in the industry, strategic connections, and most importantly, understanding what the client needs.

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