Anter System

We are a company with many years of experience in the field of maintenance and security in industrial halls, logistic centers, parking lots and airports.

Opole, Opolskie, Poland

About Anter System

We manufacture, distribute and constantly improve modern systems to protect against accidents and collisions wherever the safety of people and devices is endangered.

The company's offer includes, among others: protective barriers, industrial buffers, mirrors, early warning systems and many other products related to broadly understood traffic safety.

We offer steel products, commonly used on the market, as well as products made of the most modern polymer plastics, such as iPlast and Ertax, which provide extraordinary strength and resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions. All these products have certificates of conformity, allowing them to be used in the European Union, and also as one of the few, meet the stringent standards of food processing plants. They are reliable, easy to assemble and, above all, guarantee the highest level of security, which allows to reduce the number of accidents and stoppages in production, generating significant financial losses.

Currently, we belong to the leaders in the industry, in terms of Rack Shield, industrial fenders, which have been awarded in the prestigious competition: "Product of the Year 2014" in the "Equipment of warehouse halls" category.

We are a manufacturer of the B-Warn warning system, the aim of which is to ensure maximum work safety in warehouses and production halls, where visibility is very limited. The system detects oncoming forklifts and moving people and sends a signal which, interpreted by the mechanism, shows a visible and simple light message about potential danger.

The quality offered by us is confirmed by cooperation with the largest production companies and logistics centers in Poland, as well as the growing presence on the European markets.

The complexity of the offer distinguishes us from the competition in the first place. We provide services from audit, through the implementation of a free security project, to their assembly. We are guided by the constantly changing needs of our clients, and through constant development and following the latest solutions, we guarantee service at the highest level.

We have products from the category:

  • Fenders and plastic barriers
  • Fenders and steel barriers
  • Instruments and paints for determining communication routes
  • Protection of ramps, gates and docks
  • Protective poles
  • Warning and protective profiles
  • Technical preparations
  • Industrial / road / warehouse mirrors
  • Early warning systems.

We provide services in the area of:

  • Security audit
  • Design
  • Assembly, disassembly, replenishing cavities in the floor
  • Service
  • Determination of communication routes (painting lines, pictograms, pedestrian crossings, traffic organisation)
  • Painting the floor and 5S fields
  • Resin floors.

Digital downloads

  • Anter System catalogue - just part of our products Download
  • Anter System high barriers, wall protector, restrictors - the best protection for your warehouse and production area Download
  • Safety barriers from Anter System Download

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