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Anjani Technoplast

Anjani Technoplast

Anjani Technoplast Ltd.

Leading manufacturer of ultra light weight, honeycomb products in India.

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

About Anjani Technoplast

An ISO certified company, Anjani Technoplast Ltd., was established in 1988 by first generation industrialists – a young couple – Mr. R. K. Gupta (IT BHU, now IIT Varanasi, 1986) and Mrs. Lavina Gupta (IT BHU, now IIT Varanasi, 1989). From a small office in Noida, the company grew to 350 employees, 350+ machines encompassing 350,000 sq ft land area all with the grace of almighty and the help and support of its talented workforce, engaging and supportive customers and competitive suppliers. Today, the company also has operations in the Middle East as well as the United States of America which carry out the international trade.

The first market opportunities for manufacturing plastic honeycomb, on an industrial as well as commercial basis, began with the requirement of a lightweight structural material of high strength by building and construction industry. Between 2011 and 2013, Anjani researched on the machine design of honeycomb panels and soon entered the market with a scope of applications, a range that has exponentially grown in the past few years. Driven by the 'Make in India' campaign, Anjani now produces the plastic honeycomb in-house, with a machine created in-house.

In course of time, Anjani has developed scope of Honeycomb in warehousing and material storage solutions through pallets and foldable octabins. We provide solution to our clients through honeycomb products which provides high strength to weight ratio, impervious to contamination and infestation nature, maintenance free life, proofing to corrosion, all customised to your needs.

We also design our pallets based on specific to your racking system which will enhance the operational efficiency of the warehouse in terms of space, empty return voyage of pallets, service life, exports and many more.


ISO 9001:2008