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Aluminium profile system

  • Can be combined in a virtually unlimited number of variations.

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Detailed information about the product Aluminium profile system

The item MB Building Kit System is the solution for all design and construction tasks involving factory equipment engineering. It can be used to build everything from simple frames to fully automated production lines.

For more than 25 years, engineers around the world have been relying on the MB Building Kit System because it presents solutions that simply work. The modular components can be combined in a virtually unlimited number of variations, helping you turn your ideas into reality. Reliability and extendibility ensure that systems and structures have an extremely long useful life.

  • Profiles and accessories
  • Fasteners
  • T-slot nuts
  • Screws and universal elements
  • Panel fasteners
  • Enclosure and guard system elements
  • Hinges and fittings
  • Handle
  • Locks and catches
  • Panel elements
  • Floor elements
  • Conveyors
  • Machine accessories
  • Installation elements
  • Linear slides
  • Mechanical drive elements
  • Components made of special materials
  • Jigs and tools
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