Acústica Integral

Design, marketing and installation of acoustic materials, sound insulation systems and sound engineering services.

Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain

About Acústica Integral

Thanks to constant research Acústica Integral has become one of the leaders in the field of acoustics.

This research enables us to face the future with optimism and to be content with the present.

Proven and guaranteed solutions

We have a sound lab where we submit our products to rigorous testing. This way we evaluate the performance of different products, combinations of products and other solutions in different situations. Thus we are able to ensure the solutions we offer to our customers.

Measurement and Analysis

Specialized in the design of insulation systems, absorption, propagation and transmission structure. Usage of specific software in each area.

Technical Project Office

The project office designs customized solutions for any situation or environment.

Our engineers have a thorough knowledge of materials and installation processes and manufacturing. Thanks to this global knowledge we are able to design more efficient and effective solutions.

Own production

Designed by our technical department and according to the criteria of ease of installation, aesthetics, strength and durability.

We manufacture custom-made and standard products which undergo strict quality control.

Installation of technical equipment

In Acústica Integral we have installation teams specialized in different materials and assembly systems.

All of our operators possess extensive experience with sound installations, allowing them to carry out their work quickly and accurately.

Logistics and Expeditions

Our facilities offer various areas of product storage. The floor space of 2,500 m² provides for efficient, fast and accurate logistics.

The widest range of materials

The best solution for every noise problem is achieved by a combination of experience, the calculations made and of course the best materials, combined with proper installation.

We have the range of materials that meets all probable necessities. The security of our materials ensures the security of our products.


ISO 9001

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