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Low Frequency Sound Resonators / Diffusers (Acústica Integral Bass Trap TR-TBE)

  • Corner spot for low frequency control.

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Detailed information about the product Low Frequency Sound Resonators / Diffusers

A bass trap is a panel to control low frequencies. Its geometric shape perfectly integrates into any corner where there is a concentration of a large amount of unwanted bassfrequencies.

Better control is obtained over low frequency components. 45º profile that perfectly adapts to corners.

Recording rooms, home-cinema, radio stations, rehearsal studios, etc.

Finish Grey polyester, resistant and nice feel
Frame Made of DM wood, varnished
Interior absorbent Acustifiber, ecological material, does not release particles or fray
Dimensions 600 x 1200 x 425 mm
Weight 15 kg
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