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Circular Silencers with Nucleus (Acústica Integral SNN)

  • Circular silencers made up of perforated metal sheet nucleus muffler surrounded by a cover and a flat metal sheet wall.

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Detailed information about the product Circular Silencers with Nucleus


Circular silencer made up of perforated metal sheet nucleus muffler surrounded by a cover and flat metal sheet wall. The space between the cover and the perforated sheet and the nucleus is filled with wool mineral. Totally manufactured with galvanised steel sheets with absorbent material defined depending on the conditions of use.


Reduction of noise transmitted through ducts produced by ventilators. Wide range of standard products and products customised to client requirements for special projects.


Reduction of resonance levels with a predominant spectrum of medium and high frequencies: aspiration and discharge of revolving machines like roots, pallet compressors, etc.

Cover Seamed galvanised metal sheet
Interior absorbent Wool mineral
Interior nucleus and interior Perforated metal sheet
Options Elastic mouth, special flanges, supports, special measurements on request
Principle Flow through absorbent with interior nucleus
Maximum applicable pressure 200 mm c.d.a.
Silencer calculation To avoid the generation of turbulence noise it is recommended not to work at air flow velocities over 10 m/s. Knowing the air flow, calculate the interior diameter (d) in table 1. Choose the silencer in table 2 according to desired reduction. (Have a look at the PDF).
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