The inventors and manufacturers of polymer-based safety barriers, A-SAFE barriers protect people, property, profits and enhance performance. Absorption means only 20% of forces are sent to the floor.

Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

About A-SAFE

When A-SAFE invented the world’s first flexible, polymer-based barrier in 2001 it transformed barrier protection in the industrial workplace.

The core properties of A-SAFE barriers in 2001 remain in place today - on impact from a workplace vehicle, the barriers flex, absorb impact forces, then reform to their original state. This principle alone saves companies large amounts on replacement barriers, manpower and downtime, but add the ultra-low maintenance properties of the polymer (Memaplex) - no repainting, non-scratch, non-corrosive, no substrate repairs - the return on investment is vast, fast and permanent.

When A-SAFE barriers were installed in the baggage handling area in Gatwick Airport, barrier maintenance and replacement costs were cut from £100,000 per year, to just £3,000 over a five-year period.


In 2016, A-SAFE launched the iFlex barrier range, making posts 400% stronger and rails 60% stronger and longer, creating a safer, more economical system. A built-in modularity gives customers ultimate flexibility, allowing barriers to move or adapt as a facility changes. Hygiene seals and an absence of ingress points are revolutionary for sensitive manufacturing industries such as food and drink or pharmaceutical. A multi-directional capability allows the barriers to fit better and more economically in to any facility, removing the hard angles that can often be the cause of accidents.

These new innovations strengthen A-SAFE’s commitment to permanently protect people, property, profits and performance.

In addition to improved safety and return on investment, A-SAFE barriers carry other benefits.

A seamless, streamlined exterior combines with a uniform cylindrical design to create an organised aesthetic appeal for modern workplaces. The barriers offer a carbon footprint reduction of 450% over steel equivalents, taking into account the manufacturing processes, the reduced maintenance demands and the vastly decreased need for replacement barriers.


A-SAFE products are for use in most industrial environments, including: warehousing, factories, facilities management, airports, car parks, food and drink manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive manufacturing, cold storage, distribution centres, retail outlets, rail, transport depots and more.

Costs of an Accident

The human costs of an accident are long lasting and can impact productivity, morale, company reputation and more, but the following financial costs to a company are also considerable: health and rehabilitation, compensation, admin, legal fees, rising insurance premiums, absenteeism, damaged property, accident investigation and the hiring and training of new employees. A-SAFE barriers will protect against these costs and more.

Fully Tested & Compliant

All A-SAFE barriers are fully tested in-house using in-depth FEA analysis before being independently tested by authoritative bodies such as TÜV and MIRA so that A-SAFE barriers meet - and surpass - all relevant regulations.

A-SAFE uses a scientific understanding of the impact forces created by workplace vehicles at different speeds, loads and angles in order to never install barriers that are unfit for purpose.

A-SAFE Clients

Some A-SAFE clients are: Amazon, Unilever, Nestlé, 3M, IKEA, BMW, Jaguar Landrover, Lego, Caterpillar, UPS, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Smurfit Kappa, Proctor and Gamble, MARS, Kimberly Clark, Kuehne+Nagel, Volkswagen and many more.

Awards & Accolades

2014 A-SAFE won the Queen’s Award for International Trade

2015 A-SAFE won the iF Award for innovation for the iFlex RackGuard

2015 A-SAFE were placed #33rd in The Sunday Times Top 100 of the fastest growing UK SME exporters

2016 The iFlex barrier range won the iF Award in the Industry/Skilled Trades category

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