4B Braime Elevator Components

Leader in bucket elevator components: elevator buckets, belts and bolts and also forged conveyor chains.

4B also offers level controls, sensors and hazard monitors for elevators and conveyors.

Leeds, United Kingdom

About 4B Braime Elevator Components

With the world’s largest range of elevator and conveyor components, 4B’s material handling division has led the field in elevator bucket design and manufacture by supplying the highest quality products.

4B’s electronic division specializes in level controls, intelligent sensors and safety control systems that prevent costly downtime and reduce the risk of explosions in hazardous areas.

4B’s main product ranges are

Components for bucket elevators:

  • Elevator Buckets (steel and plastic)
  • Elevator Bucket Bolts, o Elevator Belting and Belt Fasteners

Conveyor chains:

  • Drop forged chains
  • Bolt ‘n’ Go chains (drop forged and round link)
  • Sprockets and trailers

Hazard Monitoring Devices to help protect Process Plant and to support Preventative Maintenance:

  • Misalignment Sensors
  • Bearing Temperature Sensors
  • Speed Switches
  • Inductive Sensors
  • Monitoring Systems

4B has always been known for the quality of their engineering support, which in turn is based on research and ongoing product testing.

4B offer their customers a Free Design Service for bucket elevators and chain conveyors, whether to trouble shoot an existing problem, increase the capacity of an existing machine, or assist in the detailed design of new equipment.

In 2008, the firm celebrated 120 years of being in business and continues to be successful under the leadership of Nicholas Braime.

The UK factory is still situated on a six acre site in Leeds and employs 150 people.  Today, The Braime Group and its subsidiaries are major suppliers to a wide range of industries including the material handling, grain, feed, milling, cement and other heavy duty industries.

Ensuring our clients have safe, reliable and efficient products is a 4B priority.  Continuous research and development maintain 4B products at the cutting edge of technology.

4B's global presence

With subsidiaries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia along with a worldwide network of distributors, 4B’s global team of engineers and sales professionals can provide you with practical solutions for all your material handling applications.

Digital downloads

  • The world's largest range of elevator buckets (steel and plastic)for agricultural and industrial applications Download
  • Hazard monitors and sensors for bucket elevators and conveyors: belt alignment, belt rip, bearing temperature, shaft speed, blocked chute condition and level sensors. Download
  • Elevator bucket bolts: DIN 15237, Ref 70, Easifit, Fanged, etc Download
  • Drop Forged Conveyor Chains Download
  • Elevator Belts and Fasteners Download


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