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Very Narrow Aisle Truck

  • Brand: Hyster
  • Series: C1.0, C1.3, C1.5

VNA, Man-Up Turret Trucks
The Ideal Solution for Storage Space Optimisation.
1 000-1 500 kg @ 600 mm

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Detailed information about the product Very Narrow Aisle Truck

The C series of VNA trucks allows you to optimise warehouse storage space. These models are the perfect solution where warehouse space is limited and goods are stored at very high levels, in very narrow aisles.

The truck's construction is highly reliable and robust which is key when operating at height. Advanced ergonomics boost operator comfort and confidence leading to outstanding productivity, while powerful AC motors deliver fast travel and lift speeds to maximise load handling and throughput.

  • Choose from a range of model configurations, mast options and lift heights to suit your operation.
  • The C1.5/S is equipped with a unique Quad-form mast which can lift up to 17m with minimum mast deflection. 
  • C1.0-1.5 trucks have been through stringent test cycles, including stress analysis, endurance, thermal and stability tests, as well as field tests in multiple customer applications.
  • One of the smallest yet strongest turret heads on the market, for outstanding visibility and load stability.
  • Powerful AC motors combine with advanced controls and comfort features and help operators to maintain productivity all shift long.
  • An integrated pantograph automatically opens with the traverse function, enabling the truck to work in the smallest of aisles with maximum side clearance.
  • The Vehicle System Manager (VSM) delivers diagnostic data to the dash display, anticipating maintenance needs and aiding fault diagnosis and correction.
Model Load Capacity (kg) Max.
Height (mm)
AST (wide/long) (mm) Battery Capacity
(V / Ah)
Weight (kg)
C1.0 1000 8760 1470 - 1900 48V / 700 - 960Ah 5800
C1.3 1300 11900 1470 - 1900 48V / 840 - 960Ah 6150
C1.3L 1300 13400 1470 - 1900 48V / 840 - 960Ah 6150
C1.3L-80 1300 11900 1470 - 1900 80V / 500 - 640Ah 6150
C1.5S 1500 13400 1470 - 1900 80V / 500 - 640Ah 7990
C1.5M 1500 13970 1470 - 1900 80V / 500 - 640Ah 7990
C1.5L 1500 17500 1470 - 1900 80V / 500 - 640Ah 8940