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Self spinning cleaning head for open containers

  • Model: SW060A

Temperature 90ºC and pressure 200 bar.

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Detailed information about the product Self spinning cleaning head for open containers

A comprehensive range of low and high-pressure products designed to meet the needs of firms looking for products that are perfectly suited for sanitising and cleaning, from the smallest of containers to the largest of spaces.

The SW060A is ideal for open containers. To avoid unnecessary water consumption, the system excludes a 120º cone on the open side.

Flow 15:60 l/min
Pressure 200 bar
Temperature 90ºC
Spinning speed 120 g/min
Short cycle time 15”
Complete cycle time 30”
Min. diameter opening 100mm
Water inlet 1/2"G
Nozzles 1/8”G
Weight 5,5 kg
Material Aluminium / INOX