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  • Brand: Dinalager®

Excellent for roller conveying of packaged goods: the dynamic shelf par excellence.

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Detailed information about the product MiniRail

Composed of galvanised, perforated metal sheet with a thickness of 0.8 mm, with injected polypropylene wheels (polyethylene in the case of -30ºC) which are mounted on a polished steel axle of 3 mm diameter. Precisely cut to ± 1 mm, the material is always cut, mounted and delivered to the length indicated by the client. The distance between wheels is 33mm. With rimmed wheels, the required minimum distance is 49.5 mm. The 4 mm diameter hole used in the base eases the later fitting of rivets and screws.

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  Anti-Opening Clip Anti-Opening Clip
  • To prevent the wheels from sinking due to heavy impacts that come from a diagonal angle.
  Holding Clip for Minirails Holding Clip for Minirails
  • Ideal for joining Dinalager minirail sections to the structure.

  Plastic Guide-Profile for Minirails Plastic Guide-Profile for Minirails
  • White extruded PVC profile from recycled materials. Two types available.

  Minirail Connector Minirail Connector
  • 2 mm thick zinc coated metal sheet used to fasten Dinalager components.

  Braking Ramp for Minirails Braking Ramp for Minirails
  • Allows the braking of loads any place the client desires on the MiniRail.

  Conductive Minrail Wheels Conductive Minrail Wheels
  • Black wheels made from a highly electrical conductive plastic compound.

  Low Temperature Minirail Wheels Low Temperature Minirail Wheels
  • High-density polyethylene MiniRail wheels for temperatures as low as –30ºC.

  Split-Wheel Minirails Split-Wheel Minirails
  • To maximize the points of contact with merchandise.

  Anti-Return Buffer for Minirails Anti-Return Buffer for Minirails
  • Designed to prevent merchandise from returning or moving backwards along the roller tracks.

  Sterile White Minirail Sterile White Minirail
  • Perfectly resistant to humidity, salinated environments (installations near the sea), sanitizing chemicals, etc...

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Ø28.6 tubular steel structures (1.07 or 2.11mm thick) covered with a special dense plastic paint.

  Dynamic Shelving

Dynamic Shelving

It frees up difficult to access storage areas and provides efficient and fast materials movement, saving employees’ time.

  Wheels Table

Wheels Table

Example profile of aluminium: Alternative option for the roller conveying systems for packaged goods at a very good price.

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